Carlsbad Player Procedure 8.31

Carlsbad Player Procedures

Register: Any time until 2 hours before tournament start.

Check in: 2 hours before event until 15 minutes before tournament start.

Orientation and Q&A: 15 minutes prior to tournament start

  1. Discord

    1. Download application (mobile/desktop app).

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  1. Sign up and join GameSync’s Server:

Untitled 7 1

  1. Follow GameSync Esports #choose-games-roles prompt.

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  1. Scroll down and react to Fortnite.

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  1. Battlefy Sign up

    1. Sign up by making an account on*

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  1. Go to

Untitled 4

  1. Scroll down to section “Upcoming Tournaments”*
  2. Click on “Synchronicity Carlsbad #1: The Ultimate Online Fortnite Battle”

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  1. Enter Join-Code given by Carlsbad and click submit

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  1. Click on Join*

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  1. Enter player name, Discord tag, and email address. Then click on submit.

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  1. Day of Event: Check-in (2 hours before tournament start)

    1. Check email received from Battlefy for any updates
    2. Starting one hour before the tournament begins, open Discord and select the Home tab. *
      1. Click “Friends” *
      2. Click “Add Friends” *

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  1. Type KanuGameSync#7840 Direct message him with “Carlsbad Tournament” and player/in-game name to be checked-in.

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  1. Add KanuGameSync as a friend in Fortnite.

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  1. You will receive a confirmation message from KanuGameSync#7840 on Discord. *
  2. An invite will be sent to you via Discord for the Fortnite Tournament Voice Lobby. Join as soon as the invite is sent and wait for further instructions.
  3. While in Voice Channel:
    1. Please mute your microphone while in the channel
    2. Listen to any instructions and/or questions KanuGameSync#7840 or another Admin gives during this time.
    3. There will be a Question and Answer for players 15mins prior to Tournament start time.

Check-in process is now complete.

  1. Tournament Start

    1. Make sure both Fortnite and Discord are open and accessible throughout the tournament.
    2. Players will be split into 4 equal groups for seed placement (depending on how many players have checked in)
      1. Note which group KanuGameSync#7840 or “another Admin” has been assigned to you. (A, B, C, or D)
      2. Wait for a party invite in-game by KanuGameSync.
      3. Join the party and wait in his creative/private hub in-game.
      4. Group Stages begin.
        1. Once all players of group A have been invited, Seed placement will start in a Zone Wars map of KanuGameSync’s choosing.
        2. All other players not in group A, are welcome to watch the match on (Support your fellow gamers!)
        3. All 5 rounds will be played.
        4. Scores will be totaled for bracket rounds
        5. Repeat for Groups B, C, and D.
  1. Tournament Double Elimination

    1. Seeding will determine player 1v1 matchups
    2. Check after KanuGameSync#7840 has the scores totaled up.
      1. View bracket
      2. Placements will be loaded at this time to see your match up.
    3. KanuGameSync#7840 will call players by name (Discord or In-Game Name) when their match is up.
  1. Each match is Best out of three (Bof3).
  2. Winner of the Bof3  match moves onto Bracket #1.
  3. Defeated player of the Bof3 moves onto Bracket #2.
  4. Losing TWO Bof3 matches total means you are eliminated from the tournament.
    1. If you are eliminated, await further instructions in the Fortnite Voice Channel.
    2. Mini games will start once the first 16(adjustable) players are out in another hub. *see 7) Mini Games for further details
  • After each Bracket Match, listen to any instructions KanuGameSync#7840 gives to any players
  • Repeat for all matches until the Finals.
  • Finals will be played as a Best of 5 Match.


  1. After Tournament Is Completed

    1. Winner is declared
    2. 1st and 2nd place players (3rd place) will be asked to stick around for post game interviews with the GameSync casters & Carlsbad Parks & Rec staff.
    3. Prizes are processed and delivered within 24 hours.
    4. Enjoy the rest of the stream with replays and highlights. (check streamer)
  1. *Mini games

    1. If you are a player who is eliminated from the Tournament after losing TWO matches, you may still participate in various mini games as well as join in on watching the rest of the tournament on our streaming service
    2. Contact the Mini Game Admin to play fun maps with other players who have been eliminated from the tournament for a chance to win small prizes.