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Thank you for reserving a birthday/private party with GameSync Events! We will be sending you an email confirmation shortly – please email or call us if you don’t receive it (allow messages from info@


expect a courtesy call from us!

Within the next 24 hours, your game host/facilitator will call you on the number you provided to go over everything and answer any questions. We’ll be calling from 858-461-9497.


IMPORTANT: Register Your Guests inTo our system asap!

Each participant requires an account on the Discord communications platform in order to connect to our private voice+video chat server. We require that at all guests join well in advance of the day of your event, as we have limited time to help people immediately prior to the start. If you’re sending your own invitations, we recommend you copy and paste the text below into them and send out immediately:

Please complete the following two steps as soon as possible:

1. Visit and click on “Register” (or visit to RSVP for the party.

2. Click on “Discord” (or visit and follow the instructions.

All guests should join well in advance of the day of the event as any participant who cannot get on our chat server before the deadline will be unable to participate. Don’t delay, register now!

Please email edgar@ or call/text 858-461-9497 for technical support.

Get more help at



We use the Discord communications platform to organize and manage events. Please spread the word to your group ensure that everyone has the Discord app installed on their mobile device, PC, Mac. Alternatively, you can use any web browser. We provide support to help people but we need everyone onboarded before the day of the event. Now is the time for your guests to learn the basics of Discord, check their comms (headset/mic), and contact us for technical support. Once your event starts, troubleshooting is no longer offered.

About Two Hour reservations

A three hour event has always been our most popular. Kids love the extra time and it takes the pressure off – we strongly recommend it! If you want to choose this add-on, please call or email us ASAP so we can block out extra time in our calendar for you.

If You’re Playing Minecraft

The manufacturer of Minecraft requires a paid account in order to play. It must be a PC or Mac account (XBOX, PS3, iOS or Android will not work). Participants can bring their own account or rent from us. Please let your event coordinator know if you think you may need Minecraft accounts.

Social Media

To learn more about our other activities or to visit our game center in San Diego, please join a social network:

For additional socials, please read channel #follow-us in the “GS Community” section on our Discord server.


While waiting for the big day, if you’re inspired, please help spread the word. We grow because of your kindness in sharing our name.

Thank you very much for choosing GameSync Events! If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to email us or give us a call. We’re very excited to host your event and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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