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Gaming Tournaments

Highly engaging competitions for kids and adults of all ages and skill levels


Live Broadcast Streaming

We provide play-by-play, sports-like commentary for parents and friends to watch all the action


Hybrid Events

Groups can meet in person and connect with physically or socially challenged players remotely


Risk-Free & Profitable

We revenue share so you can generate (potentially significant!) income


Your event was run flawlessly and is the kind of content and quality we strive to provide in our community.

Warren Ellingworth, CPRP
Recreation Specialist II
Oceanside Parks and Recreation

I absolutely recommend GameSync Events! They were part of a viable operation for us in creating a virtual esports tournament. Their organizing, planning, and hosting is what makes them so great. I recommend any parks and recreation department or customers check this company out.

Erik Milbauer
Recreation Specialist I
Oceanside Parks and Recreation

Our esports tournament sold out a week before game time and the interest and demand was overwhelming as well as the positive feedback we received post tournament from parents and players. We ordered more tournaments along with leagues. Esports is innovative and inclusive, a win-win when children of all abilities are included! GameSync is the right company at the right time. Thank you GameSync!

Margaret Hamer, MBA, CPRP
Carlsbad Parks & Recreation

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Try Our Tournaments!

Engage your local community in a new, powerful way! We host popular games that allow players to join and compete for prizes and recognition, on devices such as PC, console, and mobile. Our expert team plans, organizes and executes your events, including facilitating the in-game action and running custom games on a private server. Your players will have a blast!

Socially distanced, online tournaments are safe, fun and can engage kids with technology in an exciting way. No matter where you and your community is, we bring everyone together under one platform to play and enjoy together.

We offer experiences any group of gamers would love.

Free Technical Support Included

We’re available to assist before the start of your event to ensure every person is connected and ready to go!

No cost to you, no lengthy contract obligations

We can work a split so there’s no upfront cost and we don’t force you to sign any contracts, make any long term commitments, or purchase any equipment.

Esports tournament organization

We take decades-long experience from events we’ve run at our physical game center and channel it into your tournament. We provide rules, player procedures, and an event process to keep the games elevated and super fun!

The most popular games & platforms

We host a variety of titles from kid-friendly favorites like Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox to popular adult choices such as Valorant. We support all platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Android & iPhone/iOS.

Experienced game host

We offer a talented event organizer that interacts with the participants, sets up the game rules, monitors the fun, and provides first-class service from start to finish.

Free technical support leading up to your event

Tournament participants can email or call us for any technical help or setup questions. We’re even available in our chat lobby for a month prior to the start to ensure the onboarding process goes as smoothly as possible.

All ages and skill levels welcome

Our hosted events are inclusive and open, even to those who may not be skilled in the game. For expert player groups, we can ramp up the challenge to any specifications.

We Support All Major Gaming Systems and Devices


Interact & Socialize

Our tournament host engages with your group via live video and audio. For example, we:

  • Greet all the players
  • Explain the game rules and player procedures
  • Answer any questions
  • Talk about the game
  • Provide fun challenges
  • Announce winners and calculate prizes after your event is over

And more!


Nrpa: Esports Is a Top 10 Trend in 2021

We were mentioned in an article on Esports as a top 10 trend of 2021 in the February 2021 official publication of the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA).

Our “Synchronicity” tournament is featured on page 51

A New Way to Play

Participate in our virtual events: they’re safe, easy, and tons of fun! Utilizing our expert game host and a private, cloud based chat, we bring players together in a safe, private, event where they can compete. We set up the rules, orchestrate sessions, moderate group chat, and can even broadcast the event for family and friends to watch live and replay later.  All participants join remotely from any location using their own equipment & games.

How many simultaneous players can join?

Our focus is on larger scale events, the most popular being a 100 player Fortnite Battle Royale competition!

How long is the tournament?

Our tournaments typically last about 4 hours. Additionally, we include a pre-game show where we interview selected participants, as well as a post-game experience with the winners announced and interviewed as well.

Do players need their own gear?

Yes. Since this is a virtual event, each player will need to provide their own gaming hardware, games, and have internet access at their location.

What is a hybrid event and why would I want it?

If you have a group of gamers in your community who want to play together but you also have players who want to remain socially distanced or who are disabled or handicapped in some way, a hybrid event allows everyone to connect together in a safe, fun environment.

What type of players & communities do you support?

We focus on any Parks and Recreation community in the USA. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

What is Twitch streaming and why do you offer it?

Streaming esports online is an exciting and fun way for parents to support their kids and for other members of your community to watch the players. We provide on-screen talent during our broadcast to keep the show fun and engaging, along with pre and post-game interviews with the players!


  • Pandemic-proof: Participants can fully engage and interact with one another in a safe, virtual environment
  • Inclusivity: Disabled or non-athletic kids can participate and all skill levels are welcome
  • Connectedness: Families come together to watch and cheer on their children
  • Socializing: Kids can develop their communication skills and gain self-confidence
  • Goal Setting: The opportunity to win prizes and recognition encourages practice and discipline
  • Education: Kids get involved with technology in a fun way while learning problem solving, critical thinking skills, and more
  • Live broadcast: We stream your tournaments with play-by-play, sports-like commentary, often to many hundreds of viewers
  • Convenient: play at home while avoiding inclement weather such as wind, heat & rain
  • Hassle free: no mess to clean up, no destination for people to drive to, no on-site damage or liability risks
  • Safer: no need to watch over children
  • Geo-unrestricted: available to players everywhere
  • Streamed: games are shown to a live audience and moments can be shared and re-watched later
  • Unique: we are the only online event organizer with this set of features and capabilities
  • Legit: our service was made by gamers, for gamers

What’s Included

  • Experienced team of veteran esports event pros, including a dedicated event host/facilitator
  • Secure voice+video cloud server
  • Private, invite-only game lobby
  • Cross-platform, multi-user play on popular titles like Fortnite
  • Free technical support and set-up assistance including live help prior to the start of your event
  • Unlimited meetings and communication to educate and inform your staff
  • Strategy and event planning (including but not limited to: prize determination, entry fee, prize split, player procedures)
  • Communication plan: we promote your tournament via re-sharing/liking/commenting your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, as well as via a marking push to our GameSync community, and to our large online fan base & other relevant forums
  • Graphics design deliverables: we provide all artwork & logo (or you can design your own). We modify our existing assets for our flyer and Twitch in-game & scene overlays with your logo (please provide us with PNG)
  • Tournament enrollment page setup & configuration (including online bracket platform, custom ruleset, tournament format, specified maps if any)
  • Staff training: education for your team (including any hands-on community leaders/mentors)
  • Technical troubleshooting & support: live chat & phone customer service for up to a month prior to event start
  • Announcements in-platform to registered participants at check-in start time and orientation start time with email delivery via bracketing software system
  • Pre-event set up (including tournament registration and live streaming OBS setup with overlays) and optional pre-game interviews
  • Event execution including administration/referee, moderation, casting/commentary/analysis streamed live to the GameSync Twitch account
  • Awards distribution & post-game interviews
  • Post-event marketing including creation of top finishers (artwork/overlay) and posting on social media channels and tagging winners, plus VOD of event available on GameSync YouTube account
  • Unlimited email communication and as many phone meetings as needed to ensure a successful event for everyone involved

Our video production team delivers an exciting way for the community to interact by live streaming your event on We cover all the action with sports-like, play-by-play commentary and analysis, along with replays and pre and post-game interviews. Parents can cheer on their kids, and friends can follow along as the matches progress to the finals. We average 500+ views per show.

We can even broadcast commercials or read out announcements from local businesses. Increase your profitability and revenue from each event by offering advertising to your sponsors.

How It Works


Consultation & Planning

Free! We explain our service, answer any questions, and design a customized event plan


Promote & Register Players

Once a date is confirmed, you promote the event while we help players get onboarded

Game Day

We deliver an unforgettable connected esports video game tournament experience!

As we move toward a virtual world where remote events become the norm,  we've got you covered.

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